Our mission

We work with electronics manufacturers, distributors, sellers and large repair companies.

We will provide high quality warranty and post warranty service of your electronic devices.

Every device that we receive is attributed a special bar code containing the component's serial number and its repair number. This bar code accompanies the device at all stages of its testing and repair or refit. Using this bar code, it is very easy to find all information containing the current state of the device in our database. Therefore our clients can follow up on this information at any moment.

All devices undergo preliminary testing, repair, final testing and stress (reliability) testing.

Having entrusted the repair (refit) of your electronic devices to our company you do not have to worry about anything else. According to customer wishes, irreparable, irreversibly damaged, burnt out or mechanically destroyed devices can be ecologically disposed of by our company.

We offer an individual technological scheme for conducting repairs depending on the volume of repair, level of difficulty and repeatability of devices repaired, and also depending on the completion date requested. We take an individual approach to each client!

Our motto is: fast, high quality, with a warranty!