Welcome to the Ilaid International s.r.o. website!

Our company was founded in 1999 in the Czech Republic as an electronics repair company, however, over the course of several years it has became one of the largest repair companies in the republic and a subcontractor for many large European service centers. We perform warranty and post-warranty repair of electronic devices with various levels of complexity.

We employ highly qualified technicians and professional engineers with a strong professional background and vast experience of working in different areas of manufacture and repair of computers and other electronics. We perform repairs of electronic components and devices with any level of difficulty. In the field of electronics repairs we are true professionals.

The main principles of organizing our work are cooperation, Recruiting qualified technology staff and selection of highly qualified professional engineers as employees and the continuing training of our personnel in the field of repairs. The technological process is created in such a way so that a new employee possesses all the necessary skills and knowledge in various fields of repair in the shortest time.

The control system used in our work ensures that every device or component accepted for repair is attributed a special repair number, which subsequently becomes part of our database. This database contains full information about what stage of repair the device or component is currently at. This way, at any moment in time, the situation concerning any component currently being repaired is known.

It is our pleasure to offer you our long-term experience in full and reliable service: from receipt of your devices up to the return delivery you may be assured that your devices are in the best possible hands.